Tips for DIY home improvement beginners: Lessons from building a patio

When Joel and I moved into our new (old) house, we had high expectations… for our ability, the ease of completing projects, how much things would cost.

A year later, we’re slightly wiser. Emphasis on slightly. We did successfully do simple things like painting the entire interior, some of the exterior, and landscape the front yard. That said, we recently took on our first bigger DIY project, the task of building a patio in our backyard, and learned many lessons along the way. The handiest of people, we are not.

Here are some of our tips: Continue reading

Our St. Augustine Wedding

Joel and I just recently celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary. While I never really thought (or cared) about what I wanted from a wedding until Joel and I started talking seriously about getting hitched, our wedding ended up being probably my favorite day ever — it was simple, it was “us” and we had a blast celebrating with our family and friends.

We chose to get married in St. Augustine for two main reasons:

  • The historic district is absolutely gorgeous and had the perfect old Florida feel we wanted. The old buildings, the oaks and Spanish moss, the colors of the city — it’s a backdrop that needs no effort.
  • It was close to Jacksonville but a better location for all the out-of-town visitors. None of my family members or old friends live anywhere remotely close to Florida, so for those flying in, they had plenty of opportunities for food, entertainment and fun within walking distance.

We were engaged for a year and a half, which gave us plenty of time to plan. This was good, because I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and was able to easily execute my vision without stressing out much. Continue reading