San Francisco: The architecture

During our trip to San Francisco, I was constantly amazed by the beautiful structures that make up the city.

I knew about the popular Painted Ladies, lining Steiner Street in the Alamo Square neighborhood. I knew about San Francisco City Hall and it’s giant dome. I knew about the Transamerica Pyramid, one of the most iconic buildings in SF’s skyline. Of course the bridges – the Golden Gate and Bay — are well known and distinct in their own way. But everywhere you turn, there’s a different style, a different color, a different beauty. I was constantly stopping to snap pictures of random houses, because they were GORGEOUS. And despite being pretty urban, there is greenery everywhere! Who knew?

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Touring the West Coast and beyond


In September 2011, I flew out to San Francisco to present at a conference for work. It was my first real visit to the West Coast since I had been there as a child (circa 1987 or something like that), which I don’t quite remember because I was all of three years old. I immediately texted Joel and told him — we HAVE to come back here.

Fast forward three years and it finally happened — our plane touched down at SFO on September 4, with 10 days and 1400 miles of road ahead of us.


We biked. We hiked. We walked. We drove a lot. We ate even more. We saw the most beautiful scenery. It was an absolute blast and I cannot wait to recount the entire adventure. Here are our main stops:

  1. San Francisco
    1. Biking the city Part 1
    2. Biking the city Part 2
    3. Wandering the city by foot
    4. The architecture
  2. Napa Valley
  3. Carmel-by-the-Sea/Monterey
  4. Pacific Coast Highway/Big Sur
  5. Pismo Beach
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Hoover Dam
  9. Grand Canyon
    1. Hiking the Grand Canyon
    2. Grand Canyon Sunset
  10. Phoenix/Tucson (I did this leg solo — Since I had a conference in Phoenix, I dropped Joel off at the airport on a Sunday so that he could get back to work and then headed down to Tucson to visit some family before heading north again for work.)

Stay tuned!!