Hiking Oneonta Gorge

Imagine wading through chilly water, with green-covered walls rising above you and cascading water ahead, pouring nearly 70-feet over the side of a basaltic cliff.

Oneonta Gorge

It sounds like something from a fantasy world, but it was actually just a side hike we took on our day-long tour of the Columbia River Gorge.

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Seven Falls Hike in Tucson

I like to call this story: “How I survived a death hike in the desert and lived to tell about it.”

The story begins at the end of our West Coast/Southwest tour, when I dropped Joel off at the Phoenix airport to return to Jacksonville for work, returned the rental car and just barely made my shuttle that took me further down the state to Tucson for the first leg of my solo adventure. Continue reading

Grand, indeed: The Spectacular Grand Canyon

We can thank the Colorado River for both man-made and natural wonders that we experienced on the last leg of our West Coast & beyond trip together. After spending a few hours at the magnificent Hoover Dam, we entered the great state of Arizona, bound for one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Before Joel and I left for our trip, several people told me that pictures don’t do the Grand Canyon justice — you have to see it in person to really understand and enjoy how truly magnificent it is. And damn, were they right. There’s something completely magical and humbling about looking down into the great, colorful depths of the canyon and realizing that it was all created by a river, one that you can’t even see from the top, and that for million of years, humans and animals have looked down upon some similar version of the canyon.
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