San Francisco: The architecture

During our trip to San Francisco, I was constantly amazed by the beautiful structures that make up the city.

I knew about the popular Painted Ladies, lining Steiner Street in the Alamo Square neighborhood. I knew about San Francisco City Hall and it’s giant dome. I knew about the Transamerica Pyramid, one of the most iconic buildings in SF’s skyline. Of course the bridges – the Golden Gate and Bay — are well known and distinct in their own way. But everywhere you turn, there’s a different style, a different color, a different beauty. I was constantly stopping to snap pictures of random houses, because they were GORGEOUS. And despite being pretty urban, there is greenery everywhere! Who knew?

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San Francisco: Wandering the city by foot

“If you come to San Francisco, summertime will be a loving day.”

After biking through San Francisco, we decided to spent our second full day in the city a little more relaxed. We slept in, grabbed some lunch and headed out to wander around the city on foot.

Right up the block from our hotel was the top of “Nob Hill.” We headed there first and enjoyed the Grace Cathedral (a replica of Notre Dame) before catching the California line Cable Car down to the Ferry Building. I was surprised by how easy it was to get on the California line — it was nowhere near as crowded as the other lines and was convenient for us, as it was a quick way to get from our hotel across town to the water.

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San Francisco: Biking the city Part 2

Although I was a little apprehensive at first, biking San Francisco was one of the best decisions we made on the trip. (On the other hand, not putting on sunscreen that day because it was cloudy was one of the worst decisions I made). I highly recommend biking the city for anyone who visits, especially if you want to see a lot in a little time but want to have independence.

bikerideOur bike route

After spending a few hours meandering across the city, we finally were reaching the climax of the ride — crossing the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m usually not a huge fan of bridges, but this one is a beauty. It was an awesome experience to ride across it, wind in your hair, red towers rising above, the bay on one side, the Pacific on the other. The pedestrians didn’t feel the need to stay in their designated lane, but it was still so much fun.

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