Recipe: Marinara, pesto & chicken cutlets

I grew up on Italian food. Good Italian food. Between my parents’ home-cooked meals and the plethora of amazing restaurants in northern New Jersey area, I never had a shortage of it. Northeast Florida isn’t exactly ripe with good (or even decent) Italian, so I make a lot of my favorites at home.

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Recipe: Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken saltimbocca

It’s been a little over a year since Joel and I did the Whole 30. While we’ve added some items back into our every day lives (mainly cheese and booze) we still made an effort to eat pretty close to it for most of our meals. I think the biggest impact it had on our diet was that it completely changed the way we buy food and prepare meals. Not every item we purchase is organic or locally made, but a good chunk of it is.

Every Saturday we head to the Riverside Arts Market to hit up all of our local vendors. Meat comes from JD Beef. Fruits and veggies from Reeds Produce. Spices, energy bars and other goodies from FreshJax.

On Wednesdays, Joel picks up our weekly Black Hog Farm from Bold Bean Coffee, right in our neighborhood.  Eggs, chicken, breakfast sausage, fruits, vegetables — they supplement what I don’t pick up at the Saturday market.

One of my favorite recipes to make, which I made often prior to doing the Whole 30, is chicken saltimbocca. I grew up on Italian food, and still dream about a dish of veal saltimbocca I had one Christmas Eve at Il Piacere around the block from where I grew up in Garfield, NJ. Anyway, I found a healthier version of the chicken dish on Paleo Periodical that I’ve altered a bit over time to my liking, using as many local items as I can. I like to eye my measurements when I cook, so the below instructions are a little more general than most recipes: Continue reading