Five favorites — (Relatively) new homeowner (of an old house) edition

I am thankful for this wonderful Independence Day weekend that is upon on us, but this week I am reflecting on five favorite things associated with #oldhouselove.

1. Air conditioning.¬† Ours went out last Friday. It was a high of 98 degrees that day. Saturday it was also 98 degrees. I don’t know how people lived in Florida before air conditioning existed. I got home from work Friday night around 9:30-10 pm, after a work event. I immediately noticed something was off when I pulled in the driveway and saw one of the front windows was open. Never a good thing. I walk in the front and it felt like.. well, it felt like I was still outside. Apparently a few hours earlier the condenser stopped working. By Saturday, we felt like we were cooking. Luckily it was fixed by Saturday night and we basked in the beautiful, beautiful, cold air. Continue reading

Old House Love: Picking Paint Colors

As soon as we walked into our house (before it was our house) the first time, a sea of potential paint color started swimming through my head. A softer, brighter yellow for the living room. Definitely a nice navy for the hallways. A light, earthy green for the kitchen and bathroom.

Coming up with colors was easy. Coming up with colors that paint companies make was a whole different story. I spent many an hour on Pinterest searching for yellows, greens, blues, reds, even whites. Apparently white isn’t just white. There’s shades of white.

I basically searched for different types of colors — robin’s egg blue, light green, bright yellow. I spent plenty of time on the site of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, perusing their color wheels and checking out their different collections. For each room I narrowed down my picks to a few colors. I also took the advice of one my favorite¬† blogs, Young House Love (see tip #3), and went with colors that looked a little tamer on paper in hopes I wouldn’t end up with an obnoxious, blinding shade that I would ultimately have to paint over because it kept me up at night.

One thing I DIDN’T do, which basically everyone on the internet suggested, was to tape up paint chips in different lights or test out colors on the walls. Basically I picked a color and that was that. That’s probably not going to work for everyone, but I’m more than thrilled with all my colors. My research is no joke — I seriously search and analyze before coming to a decision. So I was confident with moving forward in this manner. Ok, now on to the colors we chose (because Joel either suggested a color for a room or approved all of my colors. Marriage is a team effort blah blah blah). Continue reading

Old House Love: Decorating our Bungalow

We purchased our first home in March. I’m positive we were able to scoop it up because buyers had trouble seeing the potential behind ugly wall colors and the renters’ crap that was piled EVERYWHERE. We were sold on the character of the 1925 bungalow though — the hardwood floors, the square pushout windows flanking the fireplace, the built-in bookcases.

After living in a small apartment, I was excited to have more space and THRILLED to be able to legitimately decorate. There was so much more room. But I quickly realized we had the opposite problem from our apartment days — instead of having too much crap, we didn’t have enough.

I picked up a few things before we moved in, mainly online shopping at Target (we all have weaknesses). I absolutely loved the Target Threshold bar cart and knew it would go perfectly in the dining room. The room was huge and it turned into a real focal piece on the interior wall that had no windows, doors or anything else to break it up. Continue reading