St. Augustine Distillery

On a recent weekend trip to St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city, we hit up one of the newest spots in town: the St. Augustine Distillery.

Located off one of the main downtown thoroughfares, King St., the Distillery takes up half of an old ice plant on Riberia St. It opened its doors to the public in early 2014 and makes small batches of vodka, gin, rum and bourbon, although only the vodka and gin are for sale at the moment.


Before we actually visited the place, we were able to experience both the gin and vodka in our drinks at the Ice Plant — which occupies the top floor of the building the Distillery is in. Obviously we enjoyed our drinks, because on a breezy Saturday in November, we found ourselves on one of the free tours of the place.

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Eat Drink & Be Merry: Atlanta edition

Atlanta is the bomb when it comes to food.

I was expecting many things from the city, but good food was not it — I imagined lots of southern fare and while there was some of that, I was blown away by the few places we managed to check out over the weekend. Continue reading

Eat, Drink & Be Merry: “Hoppy Hour” at Hawkers Asian Street Fare

hawkers2Last Wednesday,  I got out of work a little early to try out Hawkers Asian Street Fare’s new happy hour, “Hoppy Hour” (no rabbits involved) with my husband Joel. It was only our second time (we visited the first week it opened) but did not disappoint! Of course, cheap beer and food never really does.

Eat: $3 small plates galore. We didn’t try everything on the hoppy hour list, but we did try most of it. We started off with the chicken egg rolls, chili garlic edamame and roti canai. We had the roti on our first trip to Hawkers and damn was it just as good as the first time! The chicken egg rolls were our favorite — the crispy exterior coupled nicely with the sauce. Yum. We ordered two more plates before we decided we were stuffed: the BBQ Pork “Char Siu” and sesame chilled noodles. I’m not a fan of pork when its not in the shape of bacon, but the Char Siu was fabulous. The sesame chilled noodles (pictured) were way too peanut buttery, which would probably please the PB lover, but made me feel like I had paste in my mouth. After we were too full to eat any more, we ordered dessert. We requested the creme brulee but apparently they ran out. So we ordered the same dessert we had last time, the cinnamon roti. This sweet roti concoction is delightful. Continue reading