More scenes from One Spark

We spent a good 10 hours at One Spark 2015 over the course of two days, yet we only barely saw what the festival has to offer.

When we headed back to the World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival on Saturday, it was part so Joel could work (covering Ocean Pond, a film about the Battle of Olustee, which took place in Baker County during the Civil War) but mostly for fun. We started off where the film was showing, and a place I’m ashamed to say I haven’t ever explore, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

After a delicious meal at the museum’s restaurant, Cafe Nola, Joel got to work. When he was done, we decided to check out what the museum has to offer, starting with Project Atrium (which we did see at last year’s One Spark).


MOCA Project Atrium

The current gallery artist is Angela Glajcar, a German artist that creates large-scale floating paper sculptures. They are hand perforated to create a cavernous look. It’s interesting to check out from different angles. Check it out at MOCA until June 28, 2015.

Although I didn’t get any pictures of it, my other favorite artwork at the museum was the John Hee Taek Chae exhibit. Any Gen X-er or early Millenial (unfortunately I am technically a Millenial, but I identify better with Generation X) should be enthralled — between the VHS tapes and Voltron masks in his art, each piece an interesting take on culture and history.

Next, we headed to the Barnett building to finally check out the creators, and of course the building itself.



It’s pretty cool to look up, up and up to the top of the building through this hole. It was originally built in 1926, and while it needs a TON of work, the bones are strong and beautiful. The balloons are from the Walkabout App creator (#22144) stationed in the building.

There were also two beautiful murals by one of my favorite Jacksonville artists, Shaun Thurston:



Joel taking a selfie with Endless Summoner


After checking out the last of the creators, we headed to One Spark After Dark, presented by Brumos Automotive. While walking over to the Jax Chamber parking lot, we realized that there was SO MUCH MORE to the festival that we never got a chance to see. It’s just so huge…

First up was Gold Light, the 9:30pm band from Charleston, SC.




In between sets, this talented lady was performing on the side. I can’t even imagine how hard this is to do.


We stayed through the second band, Firekid. They killed it with their mix of rock and bluegrass.




The drummer was equal parts aloof and all in.


We headed home around 11:30 because we’re old and were exhausted (yardwork + late nights are for the young). Thanks for the good times, One Spark 2015. The festival just gets better each year — more organized, easier to get to (props to JTA for stepping it up), more entertainment, larger space. Can’t wait for 2016!

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