Spring flowers

Winter in Florida isn’t really “winter” and Spring in Florida lasts about five days. But being a four seasons kinda gal (not the Four Seasons from New Jersey, but the four seasons that I experienced when I lived in NJ), I still like to pretend it’s a real spring — break out the floral prints and sundresses, drive with windows down and music blasting and pick up fresh flowers from the market.

I especially love tulips. The best part of real spring is when perennials pop up from the freshly thawed ground, tiny little buds rising up to signal that at long last, the sun is strong, the temperatures are rising and life begins anew again. Tulips, daffodils, gladiolus — they’re all gorgeous. But tulips are my favorite because they remind me of a little tulip garden my mom planted when we lived in Lincoln Park, NJ for a few years during my early childhood.

We made a habit of picking up tulips several weeks in a row and they were so, so lovely.


Tulips and mimosas? Yes, please.


Red tulips.


Red tulips getting a little wild and crazy.


Pink tulips.

I think my favorites were the purple tulips. After the time change, the evening sun came in through the westerly-facing windows that flank our fireplace and enveloped the flowers in the most gorgeous light, almost making them translucent.



We finally moved on from tulips to other flowers. A few lilies and a lovely bunch of pompoms.

2015-03-22 08.24.47 1


RIP to the vase holding the pompoms, as it fell victim to our manic puppy Hattori one night while we were out. It was last seen holding
flowers at our wedding sweetheart table.

wpid-dsc_0559.jpgAnd that concludes my tour of our spring flower obsession (at least until we buy more).

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