Lately: Scenes from Downtown Jacksonville

Food, beer and Downtown Jacksonville. As soon as Joel and I heard about Gastrofest, held in Hemming Park on March 21, we knew we’d be heading over to eat and drink the best of our city.

Gastrofest itself was pretty good. We enjoyed some delicious food from M Shack, Ovinte, Bistro Aix and more, and sampled what seemed like every brewery in the city. There are definitely some kinks to be worked on for the future, but it was a nice addition to the local festival scene. My favorite part of the day though was admiring the gorgeous architecture and scenery in Jacksonville’s core. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

The Jacksonville Public Library — Main Branch


This awesome sculpture, Wisdom by Larry Kirkland, has three main parts according to the JPL website: 1. The owl, representing wisdom. 2. The key, which includes the Greek letters A and Z to signify the beginning and end. 3. The book, representing knowledge, is opened by the key.





Laura Street Trio


I love that you can see right through. The Florida Life Building (Prairie Style)


More light peeking through the Bisbee building (also Prairie Style)


Lovely details on the Classical Revival Old Florida National Bank/Marble Bank building.

Public Art


From Sculpture Walk Jax: Hanna Jubran, Opposing Forces


From Sculpture Walk Jax: Robert Coon, Intersection (pick up your garbage, people).


In front of MOCA Jacksonville, James A. Rosburg, Harlan


Peeking out from behind the M Shack truck, a mural by Shaun Thurston above Chamblin’s Uptown.

The Jacksonville Landing


Andrew Jackson himself.


Jacksonville’s most iconic bridge, the John T. Alsop Jr. Main Street Bridge.


Blues, blues and more blues.

Signs One Spark is near



And, one more lamppost shot, just because:


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