Filling out the house: Wall space

When we first moved from our small apartment to our house, our initial problem was lack of furniture. Now that we have accumulated a few more tables, chairs and other pieces, we no longer have a ton of bare space. Our walls are a different story.

Sure, the bright yellows, greens and blues are pretty enough to stand on their own, but we were determined to find a mix of art and photographs to add interest. That became a bigger challenge when Joel and I realized our taste isn’t exactly the same. But we compromised and managed to fill our walls and

We agreed on our first piece of art a while perusing the many aisles and nooks of Southern Crossings, a local antique store.


The piece is by Galina Herndon, a Georgia-based artist. I love the bright, vibrant colors and sophisticated scene.

More recently we bought a piece at the Riverside Arts Market. Joel’s taste tends to be for more fantasy-type pieces. Victor’s Fine Art caught his eye many times. While we shopping around Christmas, I relented and went to check out his work. I was surprised by how much of his work I liked and eventually we settled on this piece, which we then preceded to hold up on every blank wall space before choosing a prime spot in the (faux) foyer.


I took it upon myself to order the print below. Becky of Blue Lemon Pig is the good friend of one of my college roommates, Rachel. When Rach posted a link to her BoomBoom Prints page, I immediately loved the Gin & Tonic print (it’s only my favorite drink). It went perfectly in this little underappreciated space below our dining room window. I also love being able to support artists that I know.


I love the idea of mirrors as a means of visually expanding space in a room. Mirrors are great at making a room seem bigger through reflection. This mirror was love at first sight when we stopped in Park Street Antiques. It goes fabulously with my favorite (Target) bar cart. We did a little rearranging of our dining room. This little space is now one of my favorite little corners in the house. When I’m making myself a gin and tonic or pouring myself a glass of wine at the cart, I almost feel like I’m back in the ’20s, when the house was first built (only the country was unfortunately in the midst of the Prohibition era at that point).



One of my favorite things to decorate our walls with is our own photos — now these are definitely something that no one else has in their home. After our West Coast/Southwest adventure in the fall, we had plenty of pictures to choose from.

20141016_193940Napa in the dining room.

20141018_135355Love and Charlie Chaplin from Carmel-by-the-Sea in the bedroom (appropriate, right?)

20141018_130154A series of water shots from California in the guest bedroom (I love the pop of the blues and white on the lime green wall)

The last new decor we put up on the walls is neither art nor photos. It was a gift from my parents (well, my mom. I’m pretty sure my dad participated in none of the Christmas shopping this year or ever) this past Christmas. I wasn’t sure exactly where to put these wine decals, but finally settled on the kitchen wall. I think they look fabulous and dress up a drab spot.



One last thing I’d  like to highlight is my “Books & Bikes” shelf on our built-ins. The bookends were also a Christmas gift (this time from my mother-in-law) and look awesome.


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