Sunset over the Grand Canyon


When visiting the Grand Canyon, catching the sunset is a can’t miss opportunity. After doing much research for our trip there, I decided we’d camp out at Yaki Point to catch the sun go down over the canyon.

It was our second and last night there and I wanted to get a great view. We had hiked the South Kaibab Trail and were just one bus stop away from Yaki Point when we finished our hike in early evening. It was close enough to get there early, supposedly boasted a beautiful view of the canyon and is one of the less popular spots. We hopped on the bus and found a decent amount of people already there. There was plenty of territory off the path though, so we carefully climbed down until we found a comfortable spot with a good view.


The reds and oranges of the canyon walls were replaced by an ethereal blue as the light of the day faded. The magnificent thing about the canyon is that it never seems to look the same — as the light, cloud cover, etc. changes, so does the canyon.

We sat there for awhile, enjoying the view and testing out the camera. After our six-mile hike, it felt good to just relax and take in the scenery.


The sunset itself was gorgeous. The sky lit up with yellows and oranges and pinks as the sun slowly faded into the horizon.

Mellow yellow:






Pretty in Pink:


And just like that, it was over. Sunsets are moments of such fleeting beauty (I’m sure sunrises are too, but I’m never awake that early to see them).


After such an eventful day, we ended it with a delicious meal and a few cocktails at the Arizona Room. It was a perfect last dinner of our trip. I even had cactus fries, which were surprisingly tasty!

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