Jaxtoberfest Beer Run

October is a beautiful month — (slightly) cooler temperatures, fall colors make their debut, its my birthday month. Apparently in Jacksonville, it is also prime time to celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest (or at least the American interpretation of the German tradition of Oktoberfest). There’s plenty of events to pick from, but at the suggestion of our friend Sara, we went for the one that included both running and beer.

The Jaxtoberfest Beer Run is on day one of the two-day festival, which takes place on the Shipyards property right on the St. Johns River in downtown. This year it was on Friday, October 10.

Since it started at 6pm, we had to rush from work to get there in time. Joel and Sara rode their bikes over from Riverside while I drove over from work in Arlington. We were a little late getting to the start line but managed to make it there before the last wave took off.

Jaxtoberfest beer run
^Before the run in our costumes (yes, there were costumes). I asked Joel to get the whole outfit in but clearly that didn’t happen.

Jaxtoberfest beer run
^With our beers before the run. You chugged, then ran.

They weren’t kidding when they said beer run. There was beer before you even started and then two beer stations along the way. After the first beer, though, I stuck to water the rest of the way. It didn’t help that it was practically 90 degrees that day too. Hydration is key!

The route was nice — we went from Bay to Water Street, then into Riverside and onto the Northbank Riverwalk by the Yates YMCA. We followed the Riverwalk all the way back into downtown and to the end, right by the Shipyards.

Jaxtoberfest beer run

^Group running shot!

Jaxtoberfest beer run

At the end, we got a pretty nifty beer stein/glass. We got free entry into Jaxtoberfest that night with our beer run bibs and one free beer.

Jaxtoberfest beer run

We stuck around and enjoyed the music, food and beer. There was a ton of food options, including some food trucks. They had a good variety of beer but it was kind of expensive.

Jaxtoberfest beer run
^Mmmmm, Pele’s Wood Fire pizza

Jaxtoberfest beer run

Jaxtoberfest beer run
^End of the night selfie. Still lookin good!

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