A Day at the Beach: M Shack, the St Johns River Ferry & Huguenot Park

I’m pretty sure a gorgeous sunset on the water can cure anything.

We had a day of awesome plans for Saturday. Our friend was having a birthday celebration at a campsite in Huguenot Park, so we decided to venture out to the Beaches and have an adventure outside of our usually territory.

It sorta worked.

First up, M Shack in Atlantic Beach. I follow them on Facebook and Instagram and their burgers always look delish. We had a light breakfast and played some tennis to ensure for a big appetite when we got there. We arrived shortly before two to a super light crowd. I ordered the M Burger, Joel the Sunrise Burger, with a side of queso fries. We sat at the bar so Joel could try the Aardwolf Belgian Ale and waited patiently. And waited patiently some more. The place was packed at that point. Finally, I noticed people who got there after us were getting their food while we sat burgerless, and my stomach basically was ready to eat itself from famishment. Joel went to see what the deal was. Um, apparently they never put our order in?? So an hour after we got there, we left, extra #hangry because we were starving and everyone else’s burger looked AMAZING!

2014-06-16 16.52.31.jpeg

Above: From @joeladdington ‘s Instagram. Before the hanger set in.

At this point, we were already running late to the birthday party so Joel stopped quickly at Subway, I yelled briefly that I didn’t f*$#ing care what I ate anymore, and we were on our way to the St. John’s River Ferry. Which we missed my a minute. We literally watched it sail away, as we ate our crappy subs. Cue some more inappropriate expression of my anger over the situation.

Thirty minutes later, the Ferry comes back around and we drive on. Before it even left the dock, the sky opened up and unleashed a torrential downpour plus a side of thunder and lightening. Fabulous.

Huguenot Park trip

Above: The view from the ferry.

We were pretty much the only ones heading IN to Huguenot Park at that point. We parked and found the party campsite, as the rain died down to a drizzle. From there, the day got exponentially better. The rest of the afternoon storms headed south, leaving us to chill on the shore, grill and enjoy the much-improved weather.

Huguenot Park trip

Huguenot Park trip

That evening, the sunset was spectacular. Pinks and oranges lit up the sky over the sand dunes. The beach is only 30 minutes away but sometimes it’s hard to get over there. I almost forgot just how lovely it could be!

Huguenot Park trip

Huguenot Park trip

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