Hello, Savannah

So, I wasn’t in Savannah recently, but visited twice in 2013, so I’m here to tell you what I love about the Hostess City of the South.

I don’t quite believe in Southern hospitality, but if I did, Savannah would be a prime example of it. It’s only a two hour-or-so drive from Jacksonville and in my six years in Northeast Florida, I’ve managed to visit there three times and it was welcoming and comfortable each and every one. This Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil fan was not disappointed by the city, which lived up to it’s character.


Above: First trip to Savannah in 2009. Lutherans, represent!

We breezed through the city in 2009 on the way to Charleston, but after getting a second taste in September 2013 while there for a conference, I was itching to go back. So while husband Joel and I were honeymooning in St. Simon’s Island, we figured it was a perfect opportunity to head back and enjoy the sites, food and drink.

Food: When we finally reached Savannah in November, we were famished, so brunch was our first priority. We stopped at Huey’s on River Street, where I had eaten a month earlier for dinner. Brunch I think beat out dinner at this place, but it was a solid stop with a good beer menu and reasonable prices.

The first night in Savannah during my September visit, a colleague suggested dinner at the Olde Pink House. Wow, talk about mind blown after a meal there. I had my first taste of fried green tomatoes (pretty good, particularly when part of a bacon, lettuce, tomato salad!). When Joel and I returned in November, this place was on the must-see list. The second time around, it was probably even better than the first. We had delicious cheese, meats and more fried green tomatoes. We stopped by a bit early — for the afternoon bar menu in the less fancy part of the restaurant — but we weren’t disappointed.


Above: Joel at the Olde Pink House, with some kind of whiskey drink.

Sites: Savannah oozes southern charm. I’m usually not susceptible but the city sucked me into loving the beautiful live oaks with Spanish moss, all of the green space provided by the numerous squares, the beautiful historical buildings. We really just spent the day wandering. We started out on River Street, enjoying the beautiful river view and perusing the vendors at a market set up along the street. Then we headed to check out some of the many squares, briefly stopping at City Market to check out the food and wine festival before soldiering on. You could walk around Savannah for hours and still see lovely sites.


Above: Hello, gorgeous Savannah City Hall.**


Above: City Hall at night from a riverboat cruise


Above: Hello, gorgeous live oaks.


Hello, River Street.




What are your favorite Savannah sites?


**All photos by Joel Addington

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